Things to ask at an open day

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Published by Carter
on 19/06/2020

If you’re choosing a university, I am sure that you will be eager to go visiting campuses and attending open days – or online open days, as it is for many of you at the moment. To get the most of your time, I encourage you to ask many questions and get involved with any activities to get a real flavour of what each university offers. Whether you have a real-life visit coming ahead, or it’s a virtual open day you’re looking forward to, I hope you will find this blog post useful! In this blog post is a list of some questions I wish I had asked on the search for my perfect university.

Academics & Career
How are modules assessed (exams, coursework, tutorials, etc.)?
Is it easy to find opportunities to work over summer?
What is the careers network like?
How personable and approachable are teaching staff?
How flexible are module choices?
Is there an opportunity to study extra modules (such as languages)?
How easy is it to switch courses?
Are there frequent extra lectures / guest speakers?
Are there any scholarships available?
How many people are in a lecture group / seminar group?
What does a personal tutor do?

Student Life (Best to ask a current student!)
What extracurricular activities are available surrounding my course?
What clubs and societies are available?
Is there support for looking for housing?
Is there support for finances?
Where should I live?
Is it expensive to live (rent, food, travel)?
Where do you shop for groceries?
Is there much of a student community?
Do you walk a lot? / Will I need a car / bike / bus pass / e-scooter / railcard ?
How do you get to the city / nearest town?
Do you like the city / nearest town?

Facilities (Good to ask both staff and students to get a well rounded opinion)
Are there enough study spaces?
Do you have access to the equipment / technology you need for your course?
What is the library like?
Is printing expensive?
How many students are there working in labs?
What are the lab facilities like?
Do all people have access to the sports facilities?
Do you feel safe on and around campus?

Hope I have listed something here which you have not thought of! All the best for your university search!

All the best