Staying Productive in Lockdown

Published by Sophie
on 15/06/2020

As those of you who follow my Instagram (@sophie_kxo) may know, I have finished my study abroad year and am free from University work until September! When I anticipated finishing my study abroad year, I did not envision that I would be completing it in the UK, or in a lockdown in which I would only be leaving the house to exercise (living that Asthma life woo!)

With all of this in mind, I have been trying super-hard to stay productive during lockdown and wanted to share some of the ways I have been doing this with all of you!

Before I jump right into it, it is important to note that being productive looks different for everyone. I measure my productivity based on how I am feeling on any given day, and will share below a few ways this might look.

1. Zoom Trivia
For those of you who have seen my Study Abroad content on Instagram, you may remember that I spent a few Thursday evenings playing Trivia with my Theatre Western pals at The Spoke! Now that The Spoke Trivia is cancelled for the foreseeable, and my pals are scattered across Canada, we have been re-creating our own Trivia nights via Zoom! This has proved to be so fun, and a great way to stay connected with everyone as we were pulled apart so suddenly! I even co-hosted the first Zoom Trivia (aptly named “Quizantine Trivia”, which I highly enjoyed), with my good friend Amelia and had such a good time! Maybe you can do a Zoom Trivia night of your own? Or use Zoom as a mechanism for another group activity? I know that my Mum and some of her friends have used it as a medium to start a book club. So think: drinks, karaoke, shared movie nights?

2. Cleaning my room
I know, I know: how dull, right?! And maybe it is just because I was away from my room in my family home for 8 months, but I have actually really enjoyed re-organising and cleaning my room lately. And it pains me to say it, but my Mum was right and you really do need to polish your room more than once a month (oops).

3. Doing my make up
Getting showered, dressed and doing my make-up every morning has really encouraged me to keep up some semblance of a routine. Personally I feel my best when I have picked out an outfit and done my eyebrows to match, and so I have kept doing this throughout lockdown.

4. Reading
As someone who has always loved reading, having the chance to pick my own book to read from my bookshelf has been so comforting and lovely. It has also made me realise how little reading for personal enjoyment I have done in the last 5 years. Due to the nature of my degree, and the A Levels I chose, I have most certainly read a lot the past 5 years, but have read under 5 books that weren’t assigned to be for academic reasons! There was a time when I would be 1-2 books a week! And so, I have loved getting back into reading for myself (and highly recommend The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton).

5. Skincare
I have never been someone who has paid much attention to my skin. Sure I washed my face and moisturised twice a day, but I never really looked into what skincare routine I should be doing, or what kind of products I should be using for my skin type. During lockdown, I have really enjoyed getting into a proper skincare routine that suits my skin, and have found some great products that I swear by.

These are just a few ways I have been filling my days during lockdown, and I have also been dancing around my room listening to vinyl’s, going on a daily walk, checking up on my Nan, watching Friday Night Dinner, and… well I would love to say I’ve been baking a lot but there is still barely any flour in Aldi!

You can also follow my Instagram (@sophie_kxo) for more daily updates on where lockdown is taking me! Can’t wait to see you there!
Stay safe, stay well