Sophie’s Student Experience

Published by Sophie
on 01/04/2020

I have taken some time today to think about my student experience and wanted to write some more information down for you to cast your attention to if/when considering the best options for you at university, or in later life.

My experience applying for university was somewhat unique in comparison to my peers, in that I changed my course fairly last minute, and in doing so learned (the good way) that you should pick your university based on the courses it offers, its teaching methods and resources, and not because of its ranking.

Throughout my time at UoB, I have learned some things about the student experience that I wish I had known before starting university.
New university students should give themselves time to adjust. The transition from A level to university can be a jaunted one in terms of a totally new teaching style (in many cases), that involves fewer contact hours and more independent work. In the first few weeks of class it can be difficult to wrap your head around what exactly is expected of you (particularly if you are a first generation university student like myself), so it is important to realise that most people will be sharing your reservations and anxieties.

It is also important to remember that your first year is likely to involve more compulsory modules than following years, and not to write off your capability or passion for a degree based on compulsory modules that may be less suited to your specific interests.

Overall, my student experience has been wholly positive, and there are many aspects of being a University student that I enjoy. I love having access to a whole host of opportunities through the Careers Network, the A2B Scheme (including spending a week in Hong Kong completing a course in leadership), different societies and sports teams (though I am more of a Zumba kind of girl than a team sport kind of girl). I love being able to study such a unique and interesting course, that is so relevant to current times. I love the independence of travelling to and from campus every day and of spending a year studying abroad.

There are so many enjoyable aspects of being a student, and experiences that only university can give.