Ramadan and Exams

Published by Eaad
on 15/04/2019

In just under a month, Muslims around the world will begin fasting to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. In that same week, students around the UK will start to embark on their GCSE/A-Level/University exams. Ramadan and Exams have been two events that have coincided for me for the last 4/5 years. And so, if you’re celebrating, whether you choose to fast or not, here are some tips I have for Ramadan on campus….

A really cool thing on offer here at UoB is the free Iftar (Breaking-your-fast meal) that the Islamic Society have on everyday during Ramadan. It’s a great initiative and it’s a massive help if you’re fasting!! Ramadan is also a very family orientated month, so for those who have moved out, live internationally or for any reason, have to celebrate alone, this kind of thing is very helpful! This year they’re holding a Community Iftar on the 25th May. I’d definitely recommend trying to make it to that one. It’s such a cool vibe whether you’re fasting or not.

So for revision, if you’re fasting, I’d recommend trying to stay indoors, May is a great prelude to the amazing weather we get in the summer and so, while we all love a bit of the scorching heat every now and then, while you’re fasting it’s not the most pleasant thing. Staying indoors doesn’t always mean staying at home, however. My perfect revision place is the library (I can’t do ANY work at home), and so when I’ve survived the journey there, it’s plain sailing. I can travel home and break my fast or choose to break it in the Chaplaincy at uni with the Islamic Society 🙂

I think one of the main things to get used to with exams and Ramadan is the sleeping pattern. While fasting, you’re only allowed to eat at night. So during the summer, the time for the final meal before you start your fast tends to be around 3. Whether you’re fasting or not, this hub of activity means that people are generally more active at night. Which is a lot of fun…. but can mean that you’re extra tired for your 9am the next day. My tip if you have morning exams coming up is to try and fix your sleeping pattern at least a couple days in advance. Personally, I don’t have a morning exam this year until 2 weeks into Ramadan. So about a week before, I’d start looking at sleeping during the night and making sure I can wake up at 7:30 refreshed and ready for an exam!

So, however you choose to celebrate Ramadan, I hope it’s a month that brings you joy and success.

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