My perfect (normal) day as a UoB student!

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Published by Courteney
on 29/07/2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post!

It recently occurred to me that it has been around four months since I have been able to go about my usual student life, going to lectures, working my part time job and getting coffee with friends. In fact one of the only things that has been constant is my job creating content for the student team which I am super grateful for as it provides me with not only something to do but also a creative outlet and experience in the world of marketing and social media.

However, even with my job and family life to keep me busy I have been lamenting my time on campus and wishing I could have one day of normalcy- the way things were in 2019. So I decided to walk you guys through what the perfect day would look like for me at UoB!

(For the sake of this post I’m going to base the days classes off of a typical Monday and assuming I didn’t have to go into work)

8:30 am: Wake up!
I always like to wake up at least an hour before my classes as it gives me a chance to actually wake up and get ready. If I don’t have this time to myself in the morning I really struggle to take in anything I’m being told during the lecture and am groggy throughout the day which doesn’t bode well for my overall productivity.

9 am: Organize and energise
After I’ve gotten dressed and put my makeup on I like to plan out my day by making a to-do list and packing my bag. I also like to browse through the content of the lecture slides and type out the subheadings so its all ready for the lecture to come and usually head out 15-20 minutes before the lecture is due to start as arriving early means I can get a good seat in the middle.

10 am: Prose lecture
During my lecture I take as many notes as I can and identify any areas that i may need to go back to.

11 am: Coffee and catch up with friends
In my break between classes my friends and I have a ritual of going to the Costa in the Bramell music building where we grab coffees (and maybe a sugary snack) and catch up on our weekend activities. This is one of the highlights of my day as I love to catch up with my friends after sitting in silence for an hour desperate to chat!

12 am: Creative writing workshop
After coffee we go to our creative writing workshop together. The workshop is very informal and we do a lot of writing exercises to really get the creative juices flowing and learn new writing styles and techniques.

2 pm: Head into the city centre for shopping and lunch
Another thing I enjoy doing with my friends is heading into Birmingham city centre to grab food and do some shopping as there are plenty of places to grab food on a student friendly budget.

6 pm: Gym
After we’ve finished shopping we head back on the train and I will usually head to the gym. I usually like to mix cardio and free weights at the gym and find real happiness in exercising.

7:30 pm: Dinner
I eat quite late when at uni as I don’t have a strict schedule and usually let my dinner cook in the oven whilst I shower off from the gym. At around this time there will be a couple of people in the kitchen and someone to eat with.

8 pm onwards: Catch up with flatmates
After 8 pm everyone is typically home (unless they are meeting friends or at societies) and this is when we will catch up about our days and what we’ve been up to. We also watch movies and TV shows together at this time(we would watch Love Island together over the winter).

11 pm: Bedtime
I try to go back to my room no later than 11 pm as I need a full eight hours sleep to be functional the next day, though I may stay up later if I’m not needed until later on the next day.

That concludes my perfect (normal) uni day! I know it’s not massively exciting but days like this would make me feel so happy and content and its sad that I’ll never go back to my flat after a long day again.

Nevertheless there are still good times to be had and I’m looking forward to being back on campus!

Stay safe!