My Hopes for Final Year

Published by Sophie
on 29/07/2020

It has become a tradition to blog my hopes for the upcoming year, and it feels poignant that this will be my final “My Hopes for…” blog as a student at UoB. When I think about my time at UoB and all I have done, it is strange to think that I only have one year left of experiences as an undergraduate student, and so I hope to make the most of it.

My number one hope for final year is to finish the year knowing that I tried my best. I strongly believe that the grade I receive at the end of University is not a reflection of my success, but that how I feel about how hard I tried and the challenges I overcame is.

I also hope to continue to work throughout final year. How feasible this is, is something that can only be determined once I settle into the academic year, but ideally I would like to continue working part time alongside my studies and to graduate knowing I kept a job (or 2) for every year of my University undergrad career.

I would also like to complete University with a graduate job lined up. I am not hung up on leaving University and entering my “forever” career job (like many I am not 100% sure what my end goal career is as yet), but I would like to secure a graduate job working in a big city in a job where I can write in some way. I fancy the idea of working for a publisher, in editing, advertising or copywriting etc., but am open to many sectors and job roles. It would be a dream to secure a job working abroad as this is a long term goal of mine, but I am also content with pursuing this goal further down the line if I secure a graduate job in the UK or Ireland.

It feels bizarre entering final year under such strange circumstances, and so I hope that I adapt to the dual online/in person system as easily as I envision in my head