My Favourite Things to do on Western Campus

Published by Sophie
on 23/03/2020

I thought it would be cool to do a follow up to my previous post on my favourite things to do in London, Ontario (which can be found here), and to give you all the run-down of the best things (in my humble opinion) to do on Western’s campus

I adore the campus here at Western and all that it has to offer, so whittling down my top 3 things to do on campus was a task in itself… but alas, I have done it!

1. Western Film
Western is special in many ways, but even more so because of it’s on campus movie theatre! Western Film can be found in the UCC, and show movies Tuesday to Saturday each week! Cheap Tuesday’s makes seeing movies at Western Film even more appealing with student tickets at $4 (that’s about £2.30!), and $4.75 (£2.73) for non-students! So far this year they have played Hustlers, Doctor Sleep, JoJo Rabbit, Parasite, The Lion King, Zombieland 2 and IT: Chapter 2, to name a few! Western Film is just a cheap, accessible and feel-good night out.

2. Ricks Wednesday’s
Rick’s is an infamous event at Western that takes place at a bar/restaurant on campus called The Spoke. Having performed at Western for over 40 years, Rick is a household name who promises to play tune after tune all night long on a Wednesday. If you want some hearty music, good food, cheap pints and to see 4th year guys give their heart and soul to adding actions to every song- Rick’s is the place to be!

3. Admire the beautiful scenery
Though less of a winter-friendly activity, when I 1st arrived here on campus, exploring was my favourite thing to do. There are so many obvious beautiful spots, as well as countless hidden gems on campus that I was addicted to wandering around the campus for hours at a time. Though the cold makes it more difficult to face staying outside for too long, I still love walking across the Thames River (known as Antler River/the Deshkan Ziibi to the Anishnaabe people here), and admiring the University College Building at the top of UC Hill everyday fills my heart with warmth (even if my hands are filled with cold).

This post feels especially poignant considering I am leaving Western early (more on that in another post)… I love you Western! Thank you to every single person who made my time here so special.

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