My exam tips

Published by Freddie
on 18/02/2019

I am definitely not a fan of exams and I suppose I could do a lot amount more work in the build up to them – certainly I don’t seem to work as much for them as other people. However, I seem to do well in them. Well, in comparison to other types of work, that is. I think I have started to realise why, so for what it’s worth, here are my tips.

First though, if you’re one of those types that can lock yourself in the library for 20 hours a day and glug back a coffee an hour, and still get good work done, then fair play to you. Stop reading now.

Revision should be custom-made. That is, tailored to you and how you like to work. For me, I take regular breaks and work in tiny bursts – well, I am a sprinter! This may not work for everybody, but I find it is a good way of ensuring I am fully concentrated on each bit of work I am doing.

That’s it. So, if you’re looking for more information on revision, I am not the guy. However, many people also get very stressed about exams, and I feel I can dig a little deeper into helping you manage stress. You will never be able to crack on with some serious revision while you are stressed so here are some tips for doing the little things that will relieve the stress.

The first for me is training. If anything, I will train more and harder in exam season, but even if you’re not sporty, a little physical exercise of some sort will help. Exercise allows me to completely park the work I did earlier, then get back to the revision desk mentally refreshed and ready to put in some good hours after. What’s more, your mind is always working, in ways we do not understand. Staring at a page trying to understand something for hours on end is just counter-productive. Take the information in, then take a break and put your focus into something else. I promise it will re-energise you and allow you to crack the puzzle on your return.

Other tips for me involve regular stretching before bed. We all work better with sleep, but getting to sleep is hard when you’re stressed. Twenty minutes of gentle stretching before bed could make all the difference.

Then there’s food. Feel free to eat badly with snacks. However, make sure you keep eating good nutritious meals. So you get the healthy diet you need, but allow yourself to relax by eating the little things you want outside of that. Focusing on eating too clean on top of the revision and other things going on in your life is too much.  

Finally, get into a routine. Again, not too strict, but organising the key events in your life will allow you to relax and focus on what is important.

For now, that will do! Don’t overthink things, focus on these small tips and believe it will be a smooth and easy process… then it will be!