Job searching as a graduate during a pandemic

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Published by Eve
on 29/07/2020

I’ve been back home from Birmingham for the past three weeks and, even though my mum keeps reminding me that it is technically my last student summer holidays and I should make the most of it, I can’t help but feel a bit stressed about those two little words – ‘what now?’ – that keep flashing up in my mind. With the current situation, businesses and organisations are struggling and offices are closed, and so employers aren’t putting graduate jobs out there at the rate they usually do. However, I’m trying to remain positive. My current outlook is to apply for everything that I am remotely qualified or experienced for, obviously applying a bit of judgement about whether I would despise it, and hoping for the best. For now, any work feels like good work; my real-life plans are simply on pause, and becoming a little more financially independent is all I’m focusing on for the time being.

I’ve got a little jewellery business going which is getting me some money in, but I’m also looking on various job sites for other work. In particular, I’m looking for remote work – it is wonderful that many businesses advertise roles that are entirely internet based (online customer services, social media content producing, call-taking etc..) and job-searching services like Linkedin and Indeed provide filters that bring up only remote work.

I personally still wouldn’t feel comfortable going into a shared workspace, and so remote work would be ideal. One avenue that I have started to look down is online tutoring. There are a lot of different tutoring companies that have gone either fully or partially remote for the time being, such as Explore Learning and TipTop, and they are frequently looking for recent graduates to tutor in their degree subject. Another good thing about online tutoring is that it can typically be tailored to you, in which you can choose (within reason) how many hours you want to work. So, if you have any other commitments, you can work the tutoring in around them.

Currently, I am still searching and still waiting to hear back from a lot of people. It can feel very overwhelming, and rejections are always disappointing, but it is important to not be disheartened. As a recent grad, there is no formula for how quickly or easily work will come round. Some people get very lucky and the ideal role pops up straight away, others have to search a bit longer and try a few things before settling. We also now have the added pressure of economic stress and social confinement, so it is really important not to be hard on yourself if you aren’t having much luck right now; remember you have a degree, you are a desirable applicant, and when things settle down job searching will become much easier!