Happy Faduation!

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Published by Eve
on 29/07/2020

A couple of weeks ago I got my final results for my English Literature degree, and after being nervous for weeks it was such a relief to see that the hard work had paid off and that I could now relax. However, the feeling of elation was cut a bit short when I realised that I wouldn’t actually be having a graduation ceremony for a very long time, and I got to wondering about all the things I would have been doing to celebrate outside of the pandemic. My year group have missed that first pint at the pub after last exams, all the balls and nights out that would have happened, saying goodbye to our tutors and our campus, and so much more. It feels rubbish. However, there are almost always ways to find the good in a bad situation. For me, my wonderful twin sister decided to take matters into her own hands by planning a little at-home celebration. She ordered a graduation cap from amazon, crafted a fake scroll from some a4 paper and a ribbon, and alongside my parents made a lovely 3 course veggie meal (they all eat meat, so it made me very happy). We opened up a bottle of champagne saved from either a big birthday or some other achievement, and everyone dressed up so we could take photos together. I’ve heard a lot of people doing similar, and it has even been aptly titled faduation – very cheesy, but I can’t say it doesn’t work. Regardless, it was so lovely and thoughtful, and proved that, although the real thing can’t happen right now, the people around you that love you will do what they can to make up for it. I hope that everyone who has finished their degree has had some amount of celebration, and has had a moment like this to feel really proud of what they have achieved!