Published by Freddie
on 10/12/2018

22 hours on a coach, with just one hour of sleep and hardly any leg room. Though it’s inevitable and a bad start, the over-riding good experience when you arrive makes it all worthwhile. Brumskiiii!

Eventually the coach driver lets us know there is only one hour of the journey left, and we will be stopping at a shop to collect our food for the week. We rush in and grab the cheapest five-kilogram bag of pasta, a bucket of tomato pasta sauce and four crates of beer. Skiing holidays can often be expensive but I wouldn’t say this is the typical chalet and champagne type of skiing holiday.

After a week preparing my body with early nights and multiple vitamin C tablets, I hope I’m in shape to last five days on Brumski.

My three flat mates and I check in to our tiny cabin room and survey the scene. Not much room for four big blokes, but we eventually realise the room is not as important as we thought. When you clock an average of three hours a night in it, you don’t really need it to be posh hotel luxury. In at 4am and out again at 8am, you can pack a lot into this five-day maximum experience.

Blessed with clear skies and crisp snow to wake everyone up, the 850 UOB army split off into their friendship groups, room-mates or random met-on-the-coach packs to take to the mountains. Then before you know it, we’re all congregating at 4pm to enjoy happy hour at whatever bar we have taken over, to make our own little UOB-on-the-slopes for the night. There are always plenty of stories to bring back – but we’ll leave those for another day. Brumski takes place every year and tickets sell fast. However if you are as desperate to go as I was, you will often find tickets going later than the deadline. Keep your eyes glued to ‘Brumski Society’ on Instagram throughout October, then sign up to enjoy one of the best-loved weeks of Uni life.

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