10 things not to forget to bring to uni!

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Published by Courteney
on 25/11/2019

Hey guys welcome to my blog!

I hope today’s post will be helpful to those of you new to uni life or thinking about moving in next year. Even after being at uni since late September I am still discovering bits and bobs I miss or need from home and thought I would compile a list to help those of you who want to avoid similar mistakes. Happy reading!


If your first week at uni was anything like mine then you will definitely need a good brolly that is going to see you through the long walks across campus. Even with the best coat in the world you are likely to be soaked and this is a sure fire way to ensure you pay little to no attention to what is going on around you as you are too focused on your soggy shoulders.
A good coat (preferably waterproof)
Another essential I totally forgot to bring was a waterproof coat! (Something I quickly had to return home to retrieve!) Beginning your course in September you would assume that surely it won’t be raining and windy quite yet. Wrong. The day I moved in to uni was the best the weather had been during my few months and it has basically been raining cats and dogs ever since. Plus if you don’t already have one it is a great time to use that newly acquired student discount on a good coat that is going to last.

A small suitcase
This I did remember to bring! Bringing a small (carry on) suitcase with you to uni is a really good idea as it allows you to pack an outfit or two as well as toiletries to bring with you for a weekend or short stay at home. As someone who travels home frequently I have used my small suitcase an endless amount already and only use my bigger case when I’m travelling home with laundry to do. (Sorry Mom!)

A reusable water bottle
Unfortunately in this day and age buying, using and throwing away a new bottle of water does not cut it- a good water bottle is absolutely essential, not just from an environmental but also from a financial perspective. Both of my flatmates have Chilly’s bottle which they really like whilst I just bought one from home- both ultimately serve the same purpose and will enable you to stay hydrated on long days of seminars and lectures (though a Chilly’s bottle is now part of my christmas list).By having a water bottle that you can reuse you can also avoid buying drinking glasses as I find I prefer to drink out of a water bottle than a glass which you have to keep refilling.

A book
Even the biggest party animal isn’t going to be hitting the town every night and so bringing an easy read with you is essential. I prefer to read ‘zip along’ books that don’t require much mental capacity as I am an English student and have to read quite heavy hitting plays and novels as part of my course. So far I have read (and love!) Sophie Kinsella’s newest novel ‘I owe you one’ which proved really entertaining and a good break from my screen and my studies.

Freezer fillers
Obviously this is not something you’re going to be packing in your suitcase alongside your underwear and toothbrush but having some stodgy foods in your freezer that are easy and quick to cook is a fresher essential. Having to cook for yourself every night is one of the hardest elements of university life to adjust to- as attested by myself and my flat mates- as you have to come up with something new to make every night and actually bring yourself to get out of bed and make it even when you’re bone tired. By stocking your freezer space with oven chips, nuggets and pizzas you are catering for the inevitable: feeling too lazy to put some pasta in a saucepan and stir it.

Dressing gown and slippers
Essential. University accommodation can be COLD (even if it is newly built like mine) and so something snugly that you can put on after you’ve come in from the cold or after you’ve gotten out of the shower is essential, especially in the winter months. Also, slippers are so useful! I’m the only one in my flat who wears them because I hate wearing shoes around the flat and I don’t know how my flat mates manage without them!

Even if you’re going to use technology to document everything you will have at least one professor who throws a spanner in the works and gives you written exercises or handouts to annotate. Having a few notebooks that you can document stuff in is really useful and will definitely come in handy at some point. However, keeping your paper notes to a minimum is really environmentally friendly and allows for easier organisation so a good mix of both makes for the best of both worlds.

Toilet paper
For obvious reasons…

Door coat rack
This was one of the items I am really glad I brought with me as although my room has a lot of general storage space there is not a lot of room for hanging clothes (with just an open wardrobe for hanging items) which means hanging coats would take up a lot of room. Therefore by purchasing a coat rack that hangs off of the back of your door you make the most of the space you have access to and don’t waste space in your wardrobe hanging up bulky coats.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post and I hope it was helpful!

If you have any questions, please drop me a message on my Instagram page (courteneyuob) with any content you would like to see. In the meantime I am doing daily check ins for the first few weeks on how my day has been and what I’ve been up to.

I’m really excited to share more and more content with you over the coming months.

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